radarscreen with lightning flashes

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Lightning types: 
IC = inter/intra cloud   CG cloud-to-ground 

CID = Compact-Intercloud-Discharge

meteoLCD's live lightning from the Boltek lightning detector!                       click here for a short explanation!

The red distance ring centered on Diekirch has an approx. 40 km radius. Map is Mercator style!
The radar-screen as well as your browser screen will be updated automatically every minute... no need to push the reload button!  
The stroke count gives the number of strokes during the last minute. 
Time is UTC!
(local time = UTC+1 in winter, UTC+2 in summer). Software: Lightning/2000 from Aninoquisi.     

See Luca Mathias's pages with very detailed weather/storm analysis (in German) and www.meteoboulaide.com where Philippe Ernzer has many live charts of extreme storm warning.

Other European Lightning Charts:


*** BLIBIS ***    EUCLID (Europe)




1. Web based tutorials on lightning meteorology from Colorado State University:  Lightning Meteorology I
    and Lightning Meteorology II

2. From NASA: A Lightning Primer

3. Ulli Finke's (Hannover University) lightning page (in German); nice animation showing charge transfer.

4. Ulli Finke: Luftelektrizität (in German): pdf file with slides of an university-level lecture on atmospheric
    electricty and lightning

5. Jetstream, an online weather school: Lightning

last update: 11 Mar 2016